Travel Document

Travel Document:

Nepali national who doesn’t hold a valid passport and is in urgent need to go to Nepal may apply for one-way travel document.

Requirements for a Travel Document:

  1. Duly filled-in application form for TD (Same application form is used for both passport and travel document) (Download form)
  2. Two identical most recent passport size photographs
  3. One copy of  Nepali citizenship certificate and  passport each
  4. Fees for Travel Document:  Australian dollar 50.00.
  5. For new born baby, copy of Nepali citizenship and passport of parents and copy of birth certificate of baby are required instead of Nepali citizenship certificate.

(No EFTPOS facility in the Embassy, only applicable cash/money order is accepted) 

  1. If applying by post, self-addressed (write your address in the recipient side of the envelope) postage-paid envelope (preferably signature on delivery post). The Embassy will not be responsible for lost/undelivered posts.
  2. Postal Address:-  PO Box -1070. Mawson, ACT 2607