Power of Attorney


Power of Attorney (PoA) prepared in a format prescribed by law is certified as per prevalent rules and laws. The grantor/principal of power of attorney must be present in the Embassy and must sign the document in the presence of the head of mission. All relevant documents (Copies of land/property ownership certificate/marriage registration certificate etc.),  photographs (2 each) and copies of Nepali Citizenship Certificate of both grantor/principal and grantee/agent must be submitted along with a joint formal application addressed to the Embassy. The PoA grantor/principal must submit current passport.  Fee applicable AUD $ 300.00


1. The fees paid for the service must be used within one year. Repayment will apply if service has not been rendered by any reason within a year or if the document has to be re-attested due to any change in document detail.

(No EFTPOS facility in the Embassy, only applicable cash/money order is accepted) .